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Game- Changing Trends in Test Automation: Top Trends to Watch Out For

In today’s digital world, test automation has become a necessity for organizations to deliver high-quality software efficiently and quickly. As a result, the testing industry has undergone significant transformation over the years, with new trends emerging to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of test automation. During this webinar, we’ll be exploring some of the top game-changing trends that you need to be aware of. Our discussion will revolve around how these trends are making test automation more efficient and effective than ever before. We’ll cover five major trends that are transforming the testing landscape, including:


  • Lifecycle Automation: By automating the entire software development lifecycle, organizations can streamline their processes, reduce errors, and improve quality.
  • Low Code-No Code Automation: This approach democratizes test automation, making it more accessible to everyone in the organization, without the need for coding.
  • AI/ML-Based Automation: By leveraging AI and machine learning, organizations can reduce the time and effort required for test creation and execution, while improving the quality of their software.
  • Digital Experience Testing Support: This approach involves testing the end-to-end digital experience, ensuring a seamless and positive experience across all digital channels.
  • Automation as a Platform: This trend involves using a unified platform to manage all aspects of test automation, reducing costs and streamlining testing efforts.


In addition to discussing these trends, we’ll also highlight the key skills you need to learn to stay relevant and grow in the test automation industry. So join us on 17th May at 7:30 pm and discover how you can future-proof your career in this ever-evolving field.      



Lisha Rakesh

Lisha Rakesh

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