DevOps Test Automation

Evolve Your Mobile DevOps With Successful Continuous Testing

Four Stages Of Mobile DevOps

Testing At Each Stage

Unit tests to Production Tests through your CI on real devices over Pcloudy cloud to ensure successful continuous testing in DevOps and quality delivery of apps faster than ever before.

Integration With Popular Ci/Cd Tools

Pcloudy enables DevOps teams to develop and test their web and mobile apps using all the leading DevOps and automation frameworks, IDEs, and continuous integration servers.

CI Pipeline Ready

Get everything you need to create, maintain and run tests continuously through the CI/CD pipeline. That’s not all. The insightful progressive reports help you reduce your release cycle time significantly.

Integration With Collaboration Tools Like Jira, Slack

Integration with collaboration tools like JIRA and SLACK makes it a unified platform to share the reports and log bugs in the collaboration tool of your choice.

Seamlessly Integrates with Your Ecosystem for a Unified App Testing

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Certifaya – Single Click Autonomous App Certification With Bots

Just upload your app and wait for the bot to deliver a comprehensive test report for the app. Running Crash Test Scenarios The bot runs the crash test covering several installations/uninstall scenarios along with random events on the App, that too, on multiple devices. It is the best way to do a sanity check for every change in your App. Swift and Deep Exploratory Tests Certifaya smart testing bot crawls the app automatically and navigates through the app path like any human would do, collecting all the relevant data for the app. The user will get a comprehensive report on the app’s functionality and performance on multiple devices.

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Unified Platform for All Your Testing

Faster Test Development

Our No-Code test recorder enables any non-technical employee to scale test automation in minutes.
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Instant Web & Mobile Test Infrastructure

And once your automated scripts are ready, you don't have to hunt for Test Infrastructure tools. Our on demand Test Infrastructure lets you swiftly run those scripts across real browsers, devices, and OS in parallel.
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Reduced Test Maintenance Efforts

Pcloudy helps you quickly fix broken tests with self-healing script technology, reducing test maintenance efforts.
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Seamless Integration for Agile & DevOps

Compatibility with popular test management and CI tools so that you are able to access all the tools your team uses in one click.
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Automated Visual & Accessibility Testing

Experience fully automated Visual Testing for both Web and Mobile applications. Ensure responsiveness across screen resolutions and maintain top-tier application accessibility standards.
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Quality Lifecycle Management

Get a holistic view of test management and execution in one platform, enabling you to handle both manual and automated testing effortlessly with swift feedback loops and continuous improvements.
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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can surely integrate pCloudy with your DevOps Pipeline to ensure faster app development life cycles. You can simply add the pCloudy plugin to your CI/CD pipeline and enable Continuous Testing of your apps.

There are a ton of integrations and tools that are supported on the pCloudy platform. From various automation tools and frameworks like Appium, Selenium, JUnit, etc to CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, Azure, etc are all supported on the pCloudy platform. You can easily integrate pCloudy on you CI/CD pipeline by leveraging these supported tools for faster development and release cycles of your apps. For a full list of integrations please click here.

Yes, you can simply integrate your in-house device lab with the pCloudy’s On-Premise cloud solution to enable continuous testing. This integration will enable your distributed teams to access your devices on a secure environment over the cloud. This cloud setup will help you enable continuous testing of by your app and make your Development and Testing efforts DevOps ready.