Codeless Test Automation Tool

Use our No Code Test Automation Platform to Easily Craft Test Cases for Web, Mobile, Desktop & API

Features that Helps in Faster Test Development

Mobile Apps Testing

Record & Playback

Manually creating test cases from actions on web and mobile applications can be tedious. Our test recorder ensures that actions on your apps of any framework are captured and transformed into test cases without any struggle.

Mobile Apps Testing

By- Text Keyword Testing

Automating dynamic apps is tough, and maintaining those test cases is even tougher due to ever-changing object properties. Our advanced “By Text Keywords” use visual object identification technology to navigate these challenges, making test execution and maintenance straightforward.

Mobile Apps Testing

Synthetic Test Data Generation

Iterative testing often needs varied data inputs, which can be laborious to produce and map. Our built in data repository comes with synthetic data generation, automating the data creation process for test iterations of web & mobile apps. Say goodbye to manual data setup.

Unified Platform for All Your Testing

Faster Test Development

Our No-Code test recorder enables any non-technical employee to scale test automation in minutes.
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Instant Web & Mobile Test Infrastructure

And once your automated scripts are ready, you don't have to hunt for Test Infrastructure tools. Our on demand Test Infrastructure lets you swiftly run those scripts across real browsers, devices, and OS in parallel.
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Reduced Test Maintenance Efforts

Pcloudy helps you quickly fix broken tests with self-healing script technology, reducing test maintenance efforts.
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Seamless Integration for Agile & DevOps

Compatibility with popular test management and CI tools so that you are able to access all the tools your team uses in one click.
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Automated Visual & Accessibility Testing

Experience fully automated Visual Testing for both Web and Mobile applications. Ensure responsiveness across screen resolutions and maintain top-tier application accessibility standards.
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Quality Lifecycle Management

Get a holistic view of test management and execution in one platform, enabling you to handle both manual and automated testing effortlessly with swift feedback loops and continuous improvements.
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Seamlessly Integrates with Your Ecosystem for a Unified App Testing

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For Web, Mobile, Desktop & API

Frequently asked questions

No code test automation refers to the process of developing and executing tests without the need for traditional coding. Instead, users can utilize intuitive interfaces and features to craft and run tests, making it accessible to both technical and non-technical individuals.

pCloudy is a holistic no code test automation platform designed to offer end-to-end testing solutions. From web to mobile and APIs, our platform ensures seamless test development and execution without the need for coding.

No code automated testing is ideal for functional testers, QA teams, and even product managers or business analysts. It's especially beneficial for those who may not have coding expertise but need to develop and run tests for various applications.

Absolutely! pCloudy's no-code test automation tools for web applications allow users to create and execute tests seamlessly across various web platforms.