About Client

One of the biggest government agencies in Singapore that is responsible for driving the digital transformation of the public sector. Its mission is to use technology to improve the lives of citizens, enhance the delivery of government services, and create a more efficient and effective public sector. The agency works closely with various government agencies to develop and implement innovative digital solutions that can improve public services. Some of its key areas of focus include data analytics, cybersecurity, and digital identity management.

The agency has a workforce of over 4,000 employees and operates from various locations throughout Singapore. Its initiatives have received recognition internationally, and it has been recognized as one of the world’s leading digital government agencies.

Company Size: 4,000+

Business Challenges

The main challenge of the government agency was that they used physical testing infrastructure that is typically set up in a particular location. Which included all of the servers, network equipment, and other hardware required for testing. This was mainly to ensure that high security standards are maintained with little to no chance for security breaches. However, this approach presents a far greater challenge when testers and developers are spread across different locations.

With the testing infrastructure limited to a particular location, testers and developers who are not located in that area found it difficult to access the infrastructure. This created delays in the testing process, which can in turn lead to delays in app development and deployment. Needless to say, the other aspect was that it was a costly affair to start with and continuing to maintain the testing infrastructure added to the burden.

Additionally, the agency was looking to explore advanced testing techniques such as Automation and Parallel Testing that require a high level of expertise to implement effectively. The agency’s lack of expertise in this area brought in a whole new set of challenges that made them start to relook their testing strategy.

Our Solution

The agency had serious concerns regarding the security of their testing environment and the need for high security standards to ensure a completely safe and secure environment for testing their applications and platforms. However, with pCloudy’s high enterprise grade security standards and international compliances all concerns regarding security were doused.

The government agency found pCloudy’s cloud-based testing solution to be more convenient and advantageous compared to the challenges of purchasing and maintaining new devices. Our solution was deemed more adaptable and user-friendly, taking into consideration the cost, flexibility, and security.

The agency utilized pCloudy’s private cloud solution for both manual and automation testing of their mobile applications. Regression and functional testing were conducted with ease on the platform, allowing them to scale up their automation significantly. The ability to perform parallel testing on a number of devices helped them to speed up their release cycles. The cherry on the top was the ability for the geographically spread testing teams to perform their testing on the devices remotely with much ease. This enabled the agency to accelerate their testing processes and release apps faster than ever before.

Overall, the use of pCloudy’s private cloud devices enabled the clients in Singapore to carry out their testing processes more efficiently and effectively, while ensuring the highest standards of security and compliance.


pCloudy’s testing cloud, enabled users to connect to multiple devices over the cloud. This along with the flexibility to choose device models, proved to be a game-changer for the government agency in scaling their testing efforts. The platform’s ability to perform parallel testing, automation, and provide a secure testing environment while adhering to all the necessary security compliances made it the go-to testing platform for the agency.

The clients were highly satisfied with the services provided by pCloudy, which effectively met and transformed their automation and manual testing needs. With a vast testing infrastructure and a robust set of features and capabilities, pCloudy helped the agency save valuable revenue by 10X, the platform also helped reduce the manual efforts of testing and maintenance by 5X and much more with the adoption of the cloud solution. The platform’s efficiency in scaling testing efforts and reducing time and costs associated with physical device procurement and maintenance proved to be a significant benefit for the agency.

Overall, the use of pCloudy’s cloud platform enabled the Singapore-based agency to carry out their testing processes more efficiently and effectively, leading to high levels of customer satisfaction and significant cost savings.