Client Background

Our partner a global pioneer in healthcare’s digital transformation, serves a prestigious client base including a top-tier American healthcare provider. This provider has been an integral part of the healthcare landscape since 2018, known for its comprehensive range of insurance and health-related services. They have demonstrated a steadfast commitment to improving the accessibility and quality of healthcare, evident from their substantial annual revenue of $60.6 billion and a strong workforce of approximately 48,000 employees. Their aim is to meet and exceed the diverse needs of their clientele, offering services through both employer-paid and Medicare programs.


As our partner’s client embarked on a digital transformation initiative, they faced significant hurdles in launching a mobile application designed to offer a seamless omni-channel experience, complete with sophisticated lifestyle and condition management tools, including features for high-risk maternity and neonatal care.

The client’s venture into this digital shift was met with the overwhelming challenge of ensuring exhaustive test coverage across various devices and platforms manually. Initially, the client was utilizing open-source tools for automation. However, these tools were heavily code-dependent, making script creation time-consuming and inefficient. This gap, along with the urgency to deliver new features swiftly and comply with strict regulatory standards, prompted our partner to seek an expert solution that could handle these complexities efficiently.


Our partner turned to us to navigate these challenges. pCloudy’s innovative no-code automation platform was the key to overcoming the testing obstacles. It enabled the rapid development of automated test scripts, greatly reducing the application’s time-to-market and facilitating the launch of its first version in a record three months. With pCloudy’s extensive device and browser lab, they achieved 80% testing coverage of the client’s user base, enhancing the user experience significantly and fostering greater adoption. The partnership also brought about an 85% improvement in the API performance, setting a new benchmark for app functionality in the healthcare sector. This collaboration not only accelerated the client’s app release but also resulted in a cost saving of USD 350K in testing environments. Our partner and us together ensured that the client’s digital transformation journey was not only successful but also set a new standard for innovation in healthcare technology.