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Device Coverage Report 2023
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Realign your Testing Strategy as the New Year sets in. Download the latest Device Coverage Report 2023 to find out the right set of devices to test on this year. Gather insights about the latest fragmentation data from various market studies and research. We have share a list of devices and browsers to overcome these testing challenges across different regions. Make the most of this report and transform your app testing initiatives in 2023


A Digital Unlock

Businesses Moving towards Digital First Approach

  • Shift in Mindset
  • Apps – The New Business Model

Challenges of A Digital-First World

  • Need for Testing Digital Apps
  • Fragmentation Challenges – Device, OS, Screen

Overcoming Fragmentation Challenges

  • Top 30 Mobile Devices to Test On in India
  • Top 30 Mobile Devices to Test On in USA
  • Top 30 Most Used Desktop OS and Browser Combinations on pCloudy
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