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AI Driven Testing Trends Report 2023
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Welcome to the 4th edition of our Annual Testing Report. This time we’ve taken the liberty of reaching out to experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence and App Testing in general to draw valuable insights for the future of Testing using AI. Download your free copy of the report to gain insightful predictions and relevant pointers to take action now. We have delved into technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to understand their impact in the Testing domain. And well why take our word, trust the expert who are predicting a drastic change in the years to come. Ride the tide of growth coming your way to advance and accelerate your app testing efforts.

This year’s report has been compiled after much extensive research, rounds of interviews and exhaustive study. We believe this and the following year’s will be the rise of AI in the all industries. Chat GPT has inaugurated the change and opened up the Pandora’s box for many industries. What we make of embracing the change and technology will deter the course of organizations by a massive scale. So come on and explore the AI driven Testing Trends that we have highlighted in the report. Make the most of the real world use case shared by leading experts from the US, Europe, Australia and India. Download your exclusive copy here today!


  1. Note from the Editor
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Our Expert Panel
  4. volution of Artificial Intelligence
  5. Setting Context – What do our experts say?
  6. Identifying the Trends – AI in Testing
    • Trend 01 – Generative AI will replace redundant Development & Testing Tasks
    • Trend 02 – AI Augmented Test Automation will improve test efficacy & reduce delivery cycles
    • Trend 03 – AI infused DevOps will ease collaboration and autotrigger functions faster
    • Trend 04 – AI will drive Visual Testing capabilities to welcome Computer Vision
  7. How are Businesses using AI in Testing?
  8. Key Takeaways
  9. About Us


Expert Panel

Jonas Menesklou


Jonas Menesklou studied industrial engineering (M.Sc.) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology with a focus on user-centric IT security and QA. He is co-founder and managing director of the Karlsruhe-based startup askui, which focuses on selector-independent UI automation. Parallel to his work with and in startups, he is the organizer of the MeetUp group Software Testing Karlsruhe.

Enrique DeCoss


Enrique DeCoss is an industry leader in quality strategy with 17+ of experience implementing automation tools. Enrique has a strong background in Testing Tools, API testing strategies, performance testing, and testing techniques. Enrique loves to share his in-depth knowledge in competencies including, JavaScript, Python, ML testing tools, cloud computing, agile methodologies, and people Management.

Geoff Meyer


Geoff Meyer is a highly experienced and accomplished software professional, with over 30 years in the industry. He retired as a test architect from the Dell EMC infrastructure solutions group, where he led the test strategy and architecture for a team of 400 software and hardware testers across multiple locations. Throughout his career, Geoff has been a champion of continuous testing, predictive analytics, and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). He also actively contributes to the Agile and STAR conferences. In addition to his professional pursuits, Geoff dedicates time to mentoring veterans through the Vets4Quality.org program.

Daniel Knott


Daniel Knott loves digital products with high quality being web or native mobile applications. Currently, he is working as Head of Product Quality Engineering at MaibornWolff in Germany, where he shapes the future of testing for his clients. In the past 14 years, he worked as Lead Software Test Engineer for different native mobile apps and products. Daniel has written two books – Hands-On Mobile App Testing and Smartwatch App Testing and is a frequent blogger at www.adventuresinqa.com and conference speaker. Recently, he created his youtube channel – Software testing where he creates highly valuable and educational videos on Testing.

George Ukkuru


George Ukkuru is a Chief Solutions Officer at Testhouse Ltd. He is an expert in quality assurance, test automation, RPA, DevOps, and functional testing with over 45,000 hours of experience working with Global 1000 firms. He has improved product quality and enhanced customer experience for 50 million customers. He created NoSkript, a quality assurance platform that accelerates test automation while reducing costs. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies on maturity assessments and transformation roadmaps. He is also a thought leader in the industry, moderating the Automation Hangout podcast, and author of three books on test automation.

Kevin Pyles:


Kevin Pyles is a highly experienced and accomplished professional with a background in both QA and artificial intelligence.He has been in the QA industry now for over 15 years with many roles throughout. Kevin is currently the director of test engineering with O.C. Tanner and was previously Head of Product at test.ai. Kevin is also an international speaker. He loves all things AI and has been promoting AI as the future of testing.

Aishwarya Gupta


Aishwarya is a seasoned leader with 20+ years of experience in the Data and AI domain, specializing in strategy consulting, enterprise transformation, analyst communications, product & program management. She has a strong track record of driving business growth and is customer-focused. At IBM, she led the AI Quality Platform and drove the successful adoption of multiple offerings globally. She has executive education in customer growth from Wharton Business School and brand management from London Business School. Aishwarya is also an advocate of sustainability and is a certified mentor of change appointed by Niti Ayog, responsible for educating 200,000 girls in STEM.

Nilesh Tarale


Nilesh is the Vice President of PreSales at pCloudy. He carries a rich experience of 18+ years in varied domains such as Product Development, Testing, and Pre-Sales. He has worked primarily in Mobile Application and Mobile Device Testing domain with companies like Sasken, Motorola, Nokia and Accenture. His nature of work

Dimply Sharma


Dimpy Sharma is an experienced IT professional with over 14 years of experience managing all aspects of the software delivery lifecycle using Agile and other methodologies. She has been instrumental in growing a Quality Assurance (QA) practice from the ground up. In her current role as VP – Product Solutions at Opkey, she’s into solutioning, presales, service delivery, and customer engagement for large QA initiatives in product/cloud-based ERP applications such as Workday, Oracle Cloud, and SAP in the Human Resources domain.

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